6 Replies to “Windows 10 October 2018 update What to do if you lost your files”

  1. no user files lost here but have one machine that the update does not appear in windows update….I will just wait and not force it because of the problems people are having with this new version. Seems Microsoft rushed this without a final testing…Also if you have your videos, pictures, music and documents stored on a second hard drive and not on the C drive then the install will create a second folder that is empty in your user folder be sure you are not looking at that second empty folder.

  2. "All your files will be exactly how you left them" ya right If you have that upgrade screen shown they should not be moved even if there in windows.old folder. You should not claim that. we see time and time again that's simple not true be giving user false Assurances another thing I have problem with is Microsoft changing you settings after a update The claim that's a bug but it happens to often. I just dont understand why they cant just respect user choice.

  3. Brightness is broken cant change it how about the update delete people files that unacceptable. There clearly problems that the windows insider program is not working cause a bug like that should of been caught but didn't. When business or users are afraid to install update you know you got a quality assurance problem.

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