Chrome OS on Windows – How to install Chrome OS on PC 2018 Complete guide HP TPN-Q155

In this video, I will install Neverware's CloudReady operating system on my HP TPN-Q155 laptop running Windows 10.

I am looking at the reason for installing this operating system on this laptop. And answer some of the questions my subscribers have on this topic. I tried to do it as thoroughly as possible in this discussion, not too much.
At 5:00 I showed the steps to download and install this operating system on a Windows PC. (from setting BIOS / UEFI to testing new operating system)

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  1. Many thanks for this. I'm a Linux user and recently bought a nice notebook with W10 installed. Intention was to install Linux but some of hardware isn't supported, notably the trackpad which is pretty fundamental for a notebook! – I'll give this whirl as I'll take chrome OS over W10 anyday.

  2. Hello from India! While installing the OS, when it says it is going to erase all data on the hard drive partition, can we change the partition on which it is being installed? I am currently running Windows 10 Home and I want to have both the operating systems on my laptop. So I'd like to put Chrome OS on E: partition, as C: partion has Windows on it.
    Also, how much space does Chrome OS occupy?

  3. Thank you for this great video. I actually did the same thing for another HP stream 11 and everything works awesome except for when you plug it via HDMI to a tv, the sound does not work. Have you encountered this by any chance? Any ideas how to fix? Please note I have done quite a bit of digging around including on the cloudready forums but have not gotten the hdmi to work permanently after reboot.

  4. Okay so i had a computer that was a piece of crap and took forrrreverrrrrrr to do anything with endless circles of nothingness!!!!! Now i have a great new computer!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi, can anyone give me pros and cons of installing chrome OS cloudready on my Pavilion dv6. Plus will I be able to use my hard-drive afterwards? What about other drives other than the C drive? Does Chome OS support Multiple languages (my interest is in Urdu.

  6. When I do follow the same process, my pendrive shows 2 drives one says g drive and other says EFI system. Why is it not becoming the way it is shown in the video ?? Why is my pendrive not becoming the bootable one ? Please help

  7. FYSA: If your process fails and your 8GB USB stick is now a 1GB "nuthin" stick, use the Command Prompt in Win7 or 10 and use the DISKPART to "repair" it (Disk Manager in Windows won't always do it). 😉

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